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WM Spilhaus has been actively involved in the Northern Cape since the early 80’s, mainly in the industrial market.

Due to pressure from suppliers and certain agencies held, Spilhaus was under pressure to become more visible and be permanent located in the area as a local sales outlet. 

During January 1999 Spilhaus was located in Kimberley to expand the industrial sales as well as irrigation.

With the previous connections of the industrial side, with local and provincial consulting engineers and municipalities it became obvious that there was a huge shortage of experience for this specialized market.

After the take over during 2002 Spilhaus Kimberley continued in the same line of business, and expanded by buying a warehouse with offices.

Our main source of business is the design, manufacture and installation of pump stations, borehole water supply, sewer pump stations, telemetry control, automation of pump stations and pressure control.

On the irrigation side we have the capability to survey, design and supply irrigation schemes in line with the modern trend and specifications.

We are also actively involved in the design and installation of turf irrigation for sport fields and landscaping.

Our relationship with consulting engineers makes no task in fluid handling is too complicated to execute.

We are proud to be an active level 6ME, CIDB registered company.  


Erasto Van Wyk
Irrigation Consultant and MD
083-268 8232
Wimpie Maree
Irrigation Consultant
083 630 8234


  • Survey and mapping
  • Design of irrigation schemes
  • Filtration
  • River water abstraction
  • Design of pump stations
  • Pump station automation
  • Design of sewage pump stations, submersible and self priming
  • Installation of pump stations and borehole pumps
  • Fabrication of steel pipe specials (sub-contracting)
  • HDPE pipe welding