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WM Spilhaus Malmesbury started trading in the Malmesbury district under the old banner in the 2Oth Century. With the take over of the company in 1988 by WPK it was forced to close its doors and continued trading as Spiltech lrrigation CC from March 2002.

WM Spilhaus Malmesbury CC opened its doors in 2006 after a management take over of WM Spilhaus (WP) Pty Ltd.

Our main source of business is the design & marketing of irrigation systems in the agricultural sector. These systems include drip, micro sprinklers and centre pivots with filtration, pump and fertigation as required.

We use al lthe latest technical design methods and incorporate energy saving products in our systems.

All systems are designed according to the South African lrrigation Institute norms. The designers in Malmesbury have a combined service of more than 40 years in the industry.We do not know it all, but we work in conjuction with the industry experts to find solutions to your irrigation requirements.

We thank you for your support.


Jaco Bester
Irrigation Consultant
083-283 5240
Stephan Walters
Irrigation Consultant
083-4587 996


  • Surveys
  • Full Model Maker Designs
  • SABI approved system evaluations
  • System Installations
  • Centrifugal- & Borehole Pumps supply, repairs and irrstallations
  • Solar Borehole pumps supply, repairs and installatiorrs
  • Water supply equipment for chicken- & cattle farmittg, abattoirs, factories
  • Stock PVC-, LDPE-, HDPE pipe
  • Stock PVC-, Nylon-, Plasson compression-, Galvaniserl fittings
  • Stock Valves, checkvalves, filters, drippers, sprinkler:;